High Quality, Affordable Fodder Systems

Agritom Fodder Systems allow you to take control of your livestock feed regimen and bring your whole farm one step closer to sustainability. Feeding hydroponic fodder will not only benefit your livestock, but almost every aspect of your farm.


TENT-500 Fodder System


(70 Trays Fresh Fodder / Day)



(140 Trays Fresh Fodder / Day)

A New Way to Farm

It is a well accepted fact that feeding Farm Animals is incomplete without including green fodder in their diet. Green Fodder is a staple feed for most Farm Animals and Agritom Fodder Systems enable it to be produced 365 days a year. 

An Agritom Fodder System is a great addition to any farm as it will allow the producer to increase their carrying capacity without the cost of purchasing additional land.

Fodder Systems

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