TENT-1000 Fodder System

(140 Trays Fresh Fodder / Day)
The Agritom range of fodder systems can be shipped internationally via a standard sea container. 


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Technicial Specifications:

Product Code : TENT-1000
Capacity: 1000 – 1500kg per day
Body Type : Insulated tent covered steel structure
Covering Material : 3 + 3cm. glass-wool insulated sandwich PVC.
Dimensions : 8,0 x 12,0 x 3,5 meter (Width x Length x Height)
Total Tray Quantity : 980 pcs.
Daily Tray Quantity : 140 pcs.
Shelf System : Galvanized steel structure and anodized aluminum combination.
Shelf Connections : Coated bolts and nuts
Air conditioning system : 5 hp. Cooling, heating and air quality homogenization
Electric power : 11 Kw
Irrigation System : PVC pipes and easily cleanable nozzles
Water Tank : 500 lt. Capacity Integrated PE water tank,
Tray Dimensions : 600 mm x 375 mm x 40 mm
Tray Specifications : Special design, easily cleanable trays
Control Unit : Agritom AOS control unit with automatic and manual operation modes
Filtering : Integrated 20 ” 10 micron and 5 micron cartridge filter
Lighting System : Grow-light system which supports the photo-synthesis process



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