ECO F500 Fodder System

ECO F500 Fodder System

The ECO F500 Fodder System is the largest cabinet type fodder system in our range.  It has 300 trays and can produce up to 500kg (1100lbs) of  Fresh Fodder per day.

AUD $27,800*

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ECO F500 Model Technical Specifications:

Product Code : ECO F500
Capacity : 500kgs per day
Climate Control: Fully automatic with air conditioning and heating
Grow Lights: Full spectrum LED
Body Material : Polyurethane foam injected insulated panel
Room Dimensions : 5.4m L × 2.2m W x 2.2m H
Total Tray Quantity : 300
Rack Material : Anodized aluminum rack system.
Irrigation System : PVC pipes and cleanable sprayer nozzles.
Electrical Supply : 220 VAC @50-60Hz
Approximate Water Consumption: 1000 litres per day
Approximate Power Consumption: 12kw per day
Warranty: 12 months

A New Way to Farm

It is a well accepted fact that feeding Farm Animals is incomplete without including green fodder in their diet. Green Fodder is a staple feed for most Farm Animals and Agritom Fodder Systems enable it to be produced 365 days a year. 

The Agritom ECO F500 Fodder System is a great addition to any small farm as it will allow the producer to increase their carrying capacity without the cost of purchasing additional land.

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