F-25 Fodder System

ECO F25 Fodder System

The ECO F25 Fodder System has 16 trays and can produce up to 25kg (55lbs) of  Fresh Fodder per day.

AUD $4,730*

USD $3,710*

*Prices do not include GST, VAT or Sales Tax.

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ECO F25 Technical Specifications:

Product Code : ECO F25
Capacity : 25kg per day
Climate Control: Fully automatic with air conditioning and heating
Grow Lights: Full spectrum LED
Body Material : Polyurethane foam injected insulated room panel
Room Dimensions : 1.5m L × 0.8m W x 1.8m H
Total Tray Quantity : 16 piece.
Rack Material : Anodized aluminum rack system.
Irrigation System : PVC pipes and cleanable sprayer nozzles.
Electrical Supply : 220 VAC @50-60Hz
Approximate Water Consumption: 50 – 100 litres per day
Approximate Power Consumption: 8kw per day
Warranty: 12 months

Ozone Sterilization System

The Ozone System is used to sterilize the fodder unit.  It reduces the rate of mould and bacteria contamination providing a healthier environment for the sprouts.  The Ozone Sterilization System can be installed on the ECO F250 Fodder System for an additional $1,100 + GST.

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