Cheap Fresh Feed Solution for Animal Farms


The DIY-200 Fodder System Kit

  • 98 trays in total. Special designed and patented.
  • Climatization system
  • 7 Level anodized aluminum rack system
  • Automated irrigation system. Water storage, filtration, pressurization and integrated ozone disinfection system
  • Digital Agritom control unit which allows to work automatic and manuel.
  • System automatization
  • Grow-light system which supports the photo-synthesis process.

You can produce approximately 200 kg of fresh green grass by using 28-36 kg of barley/wheat seed and 15-20 minutes of human power.

Working Principles of the Fresh Fodder Machine

The system is designed on a 7 day production cycle principle. Place 2-2.6 kg/seed on each of the 14 trays and load the trays on the shelves in the first seven days. It is continuously loaded every day in the first seven days, but not harvested. On day eight remove the fodder from the trays that were loaded on the first day and feed to your livestock. Then clean the empty trays and place new seed on them.  These are then loaded into the system once again. The same process is repeated in the following days. Your 365 days fresh fodder production cycle is now set up.

Average consuming amount for per animal

You may give to your sheep and goats 1-2 kg/day/animal, to your beef cattle 5-10 kg/day/animal, to your dairy cattle 5-25 kg/day/animal. Consuming amount varies according to the type, yield direction or body weight of your animals and other feed facilities


You may have a 365 days nonstop fresh fodder production facility on a very small area in your farm.

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